How to assemble a motor-home?

You certainly must have watched some American films in which families travel in a fully equipped trailer, where it is possible to eat, sleep and relax, and you were dying to join your family or a group of friends and travel in a motor home as the one in the photo above, right? After all, it must be incredible to travel the road in such a vehicle. See more at rv furniture store

As buying one of these tends to be expensive in your pocket(while a more economical one, mounted on a van or van chassis, is worth R $50,000, another with extra perks can cost R $ 600,000 or more), we have provided some tips for you to you can assemble your own motor home with a stylized design. Check out.

Purchase a vehicle - To start assembling your trailer, it is necessary to purchase a commercial van, such as a delivery van or an unused school bus.

List the items needed - In a list, based on the size that will be the motor-home, put everything you will need for the trailer: small refrigerator, satellite TV, cook top (like this here ), multiple beds, compact cabinets (preferably, specially designed for the motor-home by a joiner), among others.

Don't forget to leave free passages to get around the environment and prefer beds that can be transformed into practical sofas and space-saving furniture.

Furniture designed for mobile use - As the idea is to make the motor home as comfortable and as tight as possible, buy appliances, beds, cabinets and counters produced especially for mobile use, since they are usually smaller and have adapters and specific manufacture for a trailer.

Don't forget the electrical system - Remember that the appliances (TV, cook top,refrigerator, stereo, among others) need a 12-volt supply, so design the electricity system according to the needs of the list above.

Think about the need for a toilet - If the idea is to use the motor home only as a campground in a trailer park, there is no need for a toilet. Put it on the project or think of just one portable unit for emergency use.

Water storage system - If you are going to use the water storage system only for cooking or cleaning, prefer one with a capacity of 19 liters. If you want to put shower sand running water in the trailer, you will need a larger amount of water.Remember to install the tanks before building the interior.